Strategic direction from an experienced board of directors and advisory counsel

The members of the board of the Chilean Chamber represent the largest and most experienced Chilean companies and professionals with a presence in China.

In turn, the “advisory counsel” includes the highest political authorities of Chile in China, and has allowed the chamber to be integrated into the wider picture of the historical political relationship between China and Chile.

Additionally, the Chilean commercial office in Shangai, ProChile, has actively participated in the activities of the board as an honorary member making substantial contributions over the years.

Therefore, together, the board of directors and the advisory counsel provide the chamber with a firm basis for growth as well as with day to day insights on potencial strategic developments.

The chamber’s mission is “to promote trade and investment between Chile and China through the facilitation and support of the business success of our members.”

In this context, the chamber sees many diverse opportunities between the two countries. The following are only few examples of areas of current and potential development:

  • IT, high-tech, clean technologies
  • R&D centers
  • Natural resources
  • Food industry, processing
  • Industrial migration through contract manufacturing (strategic industrial JVs)
  • Service industry (value chain increasing capacity, investment banking, financial industry, media, consultancy, engineering services, technology and systems)
  • Increased human capital management – managerial and technical support entering the center of the projects
  • Supply chain transfer, design and innovation
  • Logistics transfer – third party logistics
  • Domestic retail industry in Chile and Latin America (consumer products markets)
  • Private equity investments in strategic natural resources projects
  • Private equity investments and public concessions in infrastructure projects

Source: Shangai Daily