Iván Couso



University of Chile, Faculty of Law, 1995

State University of New York, Suny Albany, College of Arts and Science, 1991-1992

Languages spoken

English, Spanish

Personal Practice Summary

Iván Couso advises various initiatives related to public interest matters.

In this context, he brings together the abilities to structure solutions in complex environments, combining social, organizational, legal and financial elements to achieve the execution of the diverse initiatives.

Iván advises various associations, social enterprises, foundations, corporations, associations, organized civil society, local governments, public-private initiatives and public bodies in general.

In this sense, his capacity to generate cooperation strategies between national and international actors outstands, not only with a view to creating local or national effects, but also with a view to facilitating the involvement of Chilean actors in international initiatives.

Iván leads our legal practice of public interest matters, which includes - in addition to the aforementioned - advocacy efforts in legislative and regulatory agendas in general.

As an example, Iván has advised several entities related to environmental, energy and natural resources management, including: Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), foundations, ministries, environmental entities, trade associations and local initiatives.

Iván Couso was co-founder and first National Coordinator of the Energy Efficiency Country Program (PPEE) of the Ministry of Economy of Chile and has served as Head of the International Cooperation Unit of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Chile.

He has a vast career in the public sector in advisory and leadership positions in the Municipality of Santiago, Environmental Health Service Metropolitan Region, Chilean Association of Municipalities, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and Ministry of National Defense.


Professional Association and Activities

• Board Member of the Foundation for Participatory Innovation.
• Fundraiser Fundación La Casa Común and Amnesty International Chilean Section.
• Executive Director of Development NGOs, Legislative Monitoring Program.

Professional Experience

• Legal team member: Capital Punishment Program. Amnesty International AIUSA. New York City USES. (1991)
• Actuary, Legal Department Environmental Health Service Metropolitan Region (SESMA). (1992-1993)
• Illustrious Municipality of Santiago, Director of the Environment Unit. (1994)
• Legal Advisor and Environmental Consultant, Greenpeace South Pacific. (1997-2000)
• Ministry of Economy, Co-Founder and National Coordinator of the Country Energy Efficiency Program. (2005-2006)
• Energy and Environment Advisor, Library of the National Congress of Chile. (2007-2010)
• Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Head of the International Cooperation Unit. (2014-2016)
• Ministry of National Defense, Legislative Advisor, Cabinet of the Minister of National Defense. (2016-2018)
• National Congress, Legislative Adviser First Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies. (2018)
• Office of Protection of the Quality of the Sky of Northern Chile (OPCC), Legal Advisor for the AURA Observatories (American Universities Research in Astronomy) and ESO (European Southern Observatory). (2006-present)