Juan Antonio Cardenas Espinosa



Lawyer, Diego Portales University, Santiago, 1990.

Diploma in Criminal Procedural Law, Catholic University of Chile, 2003.

Diploma in Labor Law and Social Security, Universidad Católica de Chile, 2007.

Languages Spoken

Spanish, English

Personal Practice Summary

Juan Antonio Cárdenas has a vast organizational experience in judicial, labor and regulatory matters, with a track record of more than 20 years in regulated industries.

He is an expert in the defense of litigation before ordinary and special courts, in various complex matters. It has also been in charge of conducting administrative litigation before various public bodies, such as the Health Authority, the Superintendence of Sanitary Services and the Superintendency of the Environment, among others.

On the other hand, it has had successful participation in collective bargaining with representative unions of a large mass of workers.

Skill in the control and legislative follow-up and in the processing of issues before administrative authorities.

Trained at the Diego Portales University and also in specialization courses at the Catholic University of Chile.


Professional Experience

• Partner, Ubilla y Cía. 2018
• Aguas Andinas S.A. 2002-2018
• Judicial-Regulatory Manager Responsible for the coordination, strategy and conduct of judicial defense and regulatory matters, administrative litigation, environmental and labor issues. In addition, he held the functions of the Crime Prevention Officer of Aguas Andinas and subsidiaries.
• BANCO DE CHILE / EDWARDS 1996 - 2002
• Lawyer Judicial Defense
In charge of the defense of legal claims filed against the bank in various matters. He also participated as a lawyer in the bank's mortgage area.