The Firm

Ubilla & Cía. Attorneys and Counselors provides legal services at the highest standard of excellence to local and international companies and organizations.

Our firm provides services in a broad range of practice areas –such as corporate, contractual, financing, tax, foreign investment, regulatory, environmental, nature conservation, technology licensing, infrastructure and dispute resolution- with a special focus on generating strategic value for our clients.

Among other areas, we are a leading firm in the field of green and clean technology projects, as well as in the area of habitat conservation and environmental or ecosystems services.

Our firm has presence in Shanghai-China and Santiago-Chile. Our firm also has correspondents in New York and Tokyo

Strategy Consulting & Partnering Approach
The focus of our legal practice is on "legal strategy consulting".

Strategic decisions made by companies and associations often need to be regarded from multiple perspectives, based on legal, business and even political considerations.

We work with our clients to develop sound, effective and innovative strategies for their long term development, increasing their market expansion opportunities, and reducing the potential risks of their undertakings.

In this global arena we partner with our clients, by coordinating with their internal management systems and by helping in the execution of the designed strategies in different countries, selecting and using adequate local counsels.

Global & Local Perspective
The new trends of "global law" are creating new paradigms, opportunities and risks that can only be understood and tackled from a combined global/local perspective. We review projects from a multijurisdictional perspective as well as from a larger global perspective.

An Experienced Multicultural Team
In order to solve all the often complex legal questions that arise, the firm calls on lawyers and consultants from different backgrounds and levels of experience to provide our clients with the most efficient and cost effective approach to protecting their interests.

Innovative Practical Solutions
The firm has a culture of innovation in advising its clients. From using new strategies to protect your property rights over tangibles or intangibles to devising new structures to align and protect the interests of diverse partners and stakeholders, we look through a wide spectrum of alternatives to facilitate the unfolding of diverse projects.

Outstanding Service
Outstanding client service is the cornerstone of our practice that has withstood the test of global change, geography and time.
We are proud of the recognition we have received from our clients for our commitment to service, and we value their satisfaction as the best measure of our success.

Recent Transactions and Cases

Significant Recent Legal Transactions

  • Advise to Fundación Ptae for the development of a new protected area in the 10th Region of Chile.
  • Advise Ecological Waters, a U.S. Nanotech firm in the implementation in Chile of a new clean ocean technology to control the red tide effects in the south of Chile.
  • Advise Eco Lagoons, a Chinese nanotech firm in the implementation of water treatment technology for green real estate projects.
  • Advise an Italian firm for the implementation of new water management technology.
  • Advise ICC Biotech, a technology firm in the implementation of antibacterial technology for consumer products.
  • Advice large pharmaceutical company in a defective product liability case against a Chinese manufacturer.
  • Advise Zigor Corporation S.A. in its China market entry through a JV negotiation and agreement.
  • Advise Ancor Tecmin S.A in its China market entry through a JV negotiation and agreement, Technology Agreements and JV company set up.
  • Advise Netherland food industry group in an acquisition of Chinese manufacturing facilities.
  • Advise IICC Group business center in Shanghai to develop an innovative platform to “incubate” or “harbor” foreign firms interested in market entry and strategic trading programs.
  • Advise The Food Bridge from New Zeland in an expansion strategy towards Latin America, to become a China Food Platform for the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Advise K&G Greater China (Hong Kong and China) market entry, through Represent largest Latin American retailer in its China market entry;
  • Advise Chinese manufacturing group in an investment into Nigeria iron ore project.
  • Advise a Chinese casing company in connection with a dispute over a contractual breach of a five year cooperative contract with a top pharmaceutical company.
  • Advise the communication bank in letter of credit cases for RMB 50 million.
  • Advise Chinese Development Bank in a consulting cooperative framework with State Bank of India.
  • Advise Shanghai Metro Line in construction contract liability cases for RMB 20 million.
  • Advise M&A transaction between the largest fiberglass manufacturer and a large chemical company.
  • Advise in a dispute related to corporate management infringements of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies of the world.
  • Advise large Chinese textile group in a maritime transportation liability case of USD 30 million.
  • Represent one of the largest food producers in its corporate and international tax planning;
  • Advise a large Latin American pharmaceutical company in a defective product liability case against a Chinese manufacturer.
  • Advise a U.S. Private Equity Fund in its high technology investments in China, defining the entrance strategy and the off-shore structuring.
  • Advise food industry group in the negotiations and implementation of its JV with a Chinese distributor.
  • Advise international companies on their market entry strategy as well as in the corresponding implementation, in Greater China, including natural resources and food processing companies, trading, construction, pharmaceutical, garments and retail companies as well as technology developers.
  • Represent companies in their contract manufacturing, cooperation agreements, JV agreements, supply agreements and IP strategies.
  • Advise international companies on corporate matters, mergers and acquisition, commercial contracts.
  • Represent large Latin American retail industries in their sourcing strategies, and IP protection programs (anti-counterfeiting programs).
  • Advise foreign trading companies in the negotiation of trade disputes at a pre-litigation stage.
  • Advise a foreign bank in the start up of its Shanghai branch, with emphasis on regulatory compliance and template documents drafting.
  • Advise a CO2 trading and renewable energy consultant with its Asia entry strategy.
  • Advise a large international finance corporation in its development of conservation and ecosystems services project strategy.
  • Advise Silobags Australia and Silobags Hong Kong in the corporate expansing plan.
  • Advise Silobags South Africa in the JV set up planning and execution.
  • Advise Eurofarma Brasil in their China market entry study and planning.
  • Advise Walmart Chile in a corporate re-structuring in Shanghai.
  • Advise Global Collect Netherlands in their China market legal entry strategy and legal establishment.
  • Advise Undurraga Winery Chile in their China market legal entry.
  • Advise ANASAC Chile in a JV project planning and execution in China.
  • Advise Mintlab International -Cruz Verde- in a corporate re-structuring in Shanghai.

Representative Clients List

  • Walmart
  • Mintlab - Cruz Verde
  • ICC Biotech SpA
  • Ecological Waters SpA
  • Eco Lagoons SpA
  • Global Collect Netherlands
  • Scantling Technology Ventures U.S.
  • WSL Lines
  • Silobags LLC – Australia - HK
  • Zigor HK Ltd
  • San Clemente
  • HomeCenter Sodimac S.A.
  • Casa Ideas
  • Mintlab S.A. – Cruz Verde
  • Santa Rita Winery
  • Undurraga Winery
  • The Food Bridge
  • Viña Errazuriz
  • State Bank of India
  • Shandong Yaochang
  • Gobantes S.A.
  • Pathfinder S.A.
  • ADS Lines
  • Cooper & Cia
  • Ancor Tecmin S.A.
  • Prinso LLC
  • IICC Group
  • Trade box Chile
  • KyG International
  • CCIN – China City in Latin America
  • Hvton Group
  • Sainty Group
  • Jiangsu Tiandi Group
  • Tianma Group
  • Blue Baboo Corporation
  • Jintan Casing Co.,
  • Chengtai Investment Group,
  • Jiangsu Tianli Group,
  • Jiangsu Lengzhen Group,
  • Jiangsu Jangdon,
  • Dr. Reddy China,
  • Zhongyuan Developers Co.,
  • Teewwissen Group,
  • Sanjing International Group
  • Pumpin, Dorfman, Hales, Díaz y Cía.
  • FB Company Limited
  • Flora Center
  • IICC Mining Co.
  • IICC Investments Limited
  • Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • Marco Polo
  • DC Engineering

Legal Tradition and History

Ubilla & Cía. Attorneys and Counselors is a modern lawfirm with presence in Santiago-Chile and Shanghai-China. Our firm also has correspondents in New York and Tokyo.

The roots of the firm can be found in the legal tradition of the Ubilla family that trace back to 1933 when the renown lawyer and justice Mr. Enrique Ubilla Ahumada initiated his legal practice. Few years later he initiated his judicial career with great success and wide recognition. In those years the judicial career did not preclude him from continuing with his professional career in those matters that did not involve a conflict of interest. In time, he became a Justice of the Appeal Court of Concepción and, at some point, he also served as Justice of the Appeal Court of Santiago. After retirement from his judicial career he continued with his private practice and in 1972 his son Mr. Luis Ubilla Grandi joined him initiating as well a lustrous career.

Luis Ubilla Grandi has been an active law professor and writer. He founded the Arbitration Center of Concepción and the Commercial Law Institute of Concepción and has also been appointed as Adjunt Justice of the Appeal Court of Concepción. He has also been attorney to the Bank of Chile since 1976.

In 1994, Mr. Jaime Ubilla Fuenzalida, grandson of Enrique Ubilla Ahumada and nephew of Luis Ubilla Grandi, continued with the legal and academic tradition. He obtained his J.D. from the University of Chile, a M.A. in Law degree from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, and he conducted a PhD research at the University of Edinburgh. He also taught law at different universities and accumulated experience in the largest law firms of Chile and China for over 10 years.

Mr. Jaime Ubilla Fuenzalida founded Ubilla & Cía. Attorneys and Counselors in Santiago and Shanghai having in mind both the traditional standard of legal excellence and the challenges that derive from recent globalization processes. In this respect, the firm has given especial importance to the role that Asia Pacific is playing in the processes of social, economic and legal change, and this has significantly influenced the approach to 'sustainability' of the different practice areas of the firm.